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The start of a new company is rewarding, exciting, and completely overwhelming. Every new business comes with a host of new issues and responsibilities that generally fall to the entrepreneur. But one person can’t possibly cover every position in a startup, so that’s where marketing comes into play. Establishing your brand and spreading the word is vital to the early stages of your business. You need a well-defined target audience, and you need to constantly be attracting that audience. If you’re an overwhelmed entrepreneur and you need a marketing team to spread the word about your startup, where should you begin?

Marketing takes a lot of skills—at a minimum, your marketing department is likely to need 2-4 people. You have to think about brand development, content creation, digital marketing, and PR, among other things. Instead of hiring four people, you hire one of the rare marketers who is good at everything. Marketing Unicorns are a blend of creative genius, resourcefulness, and marketing fundamentals to do the work of an entire marketing department. Finding someone who can execute every part of your plan is rare. If I dare say, I’m somewhat of a Marketing Unicorn.

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With the digital world taking over our lives, I can create a customized digital marketing plan that fits the needs of your startup or small business budget. I help clients develop social media strategies, blogging, email marketing, online video, search engine optimization (SEO) and website development.


Do traditional marketing tactics still work in a digital age? Yes. I implement traditional marketing tactics but with a modern twist to help build your brand. Whether you’re looking for creative concept development, copywriting, design for advertising or just raising awareness at an event my integrated marketing experience will help you maximize your resources and scale your business.


Marketing is a tricky blend of art and science. A technologist at heart, I’ve dedicated many years learning not just how to create results, but measure them too. Marketing strategy itself is a data-driven process so it’s important to track your return on investment (ROI). When you work with me, you’ll know with 100% confidence what parts of your previous plan weren’t performing, and why.

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There are almost countless types of events, some are demanded more than others.
Creating content, an image and the big idea for your next campaign is an art form.
Building awareness often takes a continued effort and involves multiple facets of marketing.
Social media marketing increases your brand’s awareness and online presence through a variety of channels.
When it comes to marketing, one cannot underestimate the importance of content.
Making right strategic decisions is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy.


trust ME

Curtis Industries

Nikki focused on the company’s online presence, established a social media strategy and set brand standards so that internal and external resources could ensure projects and programs aligned with the brand strategy.        

Dave Skillins Marketing, Curtis Industries
Senior Vice President, Business Development at Coretelligent

I worked with Nikki at a small tech company and was so impressed with her work that I hired her as a consultant at my next company. She is a results-oriented marketing professional who possesses the ability to consistently exceed expectations with all deliverables. I truly appreciated the high level of support, impactful marketing programs and stunning collateral.

Jason Rossi SVP, Business Development, Coretelligent
Design Management Resources

In the process of building our brand, as a boutique marketing and public relations firm, Nikki contributed to the visual identity, messaging and brand story for Design Management Resources. I would consider her to be an innovator within the marketing industry; she still finds new ways to have clients say she provides first class services.

Linda Fisher-Clement President/Founder, DMR