Why Startups Need Marketing Unicorns

Why Startups Need Marketing Unicorns

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. You’re trying to do a million different things at the same time, and really there’s no book out there that can prepare you for what you’re getting into.

Markets change fast. What was a “unique position” 5 years ago will most likely be oversaturated and irrelevant today.

And when it comes to your marketing efforts—things shift even faster (thanks technology).

You’re a startup. You’re making it up as you go. You’re moving fast and breaking things and can’t afford to break the bank.

So how exactly does a startup scale their marketing efforts when they are operating on string bean thin budget?

It’s simple.

You hire a Marketing Unicorn.

You’re probably wondering what a “Marketing Unicorn” is. Don’t worry, it’s not a marketing buzzword.

A Marketing Unicorn is not “disruptive” or “the Uber of” anything.

A Marketing Unicorn is basically a marketing consultant who has an extremely wide skill set. They have the experience that allows them to not only come up with a strategic marketing plan, but also flawlessly execute every component of it. Check for a broad range of capabilities—like marketing strategy, content creation, brand positioning, social media, public relations, sales enablement, creative development, and digital marketing—to find your Marketing Unicorn.

Instead of hiring four people, you hire one of the rare marketers who is good at everything. Marketing Unicorns are a blend of creative genius, resourcefulness, and marketing fundamentals to do the work of an entire marketing department. In addition to the lower costs associated with one person instead of four, you don’t pay a Marketing Unicorn to snooze through meetings and chat in the break room. A Marketing Unicorn can spend more time creating value for your business.

You pay them to get things done. If you look up the word “efficient” in the dictionary—you will see a picture of a Marketing Unicorn.

Are Marketing Unicorns rare? Heck yeah.

Marketing Unicorns are a rare breed and sometimes difficult to find (that’s why they’re unicorns!), but today may be your lucky day. If you see one galloping (or flying) in the wild, you must do everything in your power to secure its loyalty to your startup.

But here’s the thing. You can’t just take a lasso and tie one down like some regular earth pony.


You must attract the Marketing Unicorn.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1.

You must convince the marketing unicorn of the value your startup will bring to your target market.

Good marketing will only make a bad product fail faster, and a Marketing Unicorn will not waste its time with a losing team.

Step 2.

Compensate the Unicorn.

I hear money, and or good burgers are acceptable forms of payment.

Step 3.

Enjoy the fruits of your Marketing Unicorn’s labor.

Your freshly paid and fed Marketing Unicorn will do every marketing activity for your startup under the sun and will supply you with all the tools you need to scale your startup (that’s where the real unicorn magic comes in).

So if you see one in the wild, remember… burgers. They like burgers.

Nikki Richard is the creator of nikkirichard.com and a Marketing Consultant. Nikki helps small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs with innovative marketing solutions to be more efficient, effective and thus successful. For more awesome content you can subscribe to her blog or follow her on Twitter for a plethora of savvy marketing tips and of course the occasional burger and brew review (she’s also a huge foodie).

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